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        Dr. Khammany INTHIRATH, Minister of Ministry of Energy and Mines Visited CSG

        From:  Post:2016-09-06

        On August 28th, 2016, a delegation from Lao PDR  led by Dr.Khammany INTHIRATH, Minister of Ministry of Energy and Mines  and Mr. Boun Oum SYVANPHENG, General Manager of Electricite du Laos visited ±800kV Chuxiong Convertor Station of CSG. The visit was accompanied by Mr.Wang Liangyou, the Vice President of China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. (herein after referred to as CSG), Mr.Li Xinhao, the Deputy Director of International Corporation Department of CSG and Mr. Si Shuming, Board Chairman of China Southern Power Grid Yunnan International Co., Ltd. (herein referred to as YNIC). Along with the visit, CSG introduced to the delegation about the latest development  of CSG and YNIC, CSG's UHV(ultra-high voltage) technology as well as the UHV DC Transmission Project from Chuxiong to Guangzhou.

        Minister Khammany INTHIRATH addressed that China and Laos are neighbors with mutual understanding and supports. Especially with the great supports of the government of Yunnan province and CSG, lots of achievements in energy industry in Laos had been gained. He also expressed his expectation on realizing the power interconnection among the ten ASEAN. Mr. Boun Oum SYVANPHENG also appraised the UHV DC Transmission Project of CSG as the most advanced project he had ever visited before, that the project was well allocated in technology, project planning and human resource.

        On behalf of CSG, Mr.Wang Liangyou extended a warm welcome to the delegation. He explained that the appraisal of Minister Khammany INTHIRATH and Mr. Boun oum SYVANPHENG  should be a great encouragement to all the staffs of CSG. He also delivered an invitation to them for another visit to CSG at their convenience. 


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