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        Cultural Exchanges

        From:  Post:2016-06-12

        YNIC attaches great importance to cultural cooperation and exchanges with the GMS countries, as well as to cooperation with domestic universities such as Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming Medical College and North China Electric Power University, who joined forces to cultivate electricity- and medicine-majoring students from Laos and other neighboring countries. YNIC has drafted its “Oversea Student Training Program 2016–2025” for training students from Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and other neighboring countries.


        Since August 2015, upon the request of MOEP and by following arrangements of the National Energy Administration, 8 Chinese companies including China Southern Power Grid, the National Grid Corporation, Huaneng Corporation, Datang Corporation, the State Power Investment Corporation, China Three Gorges Corporation, China Power Investment Company and Yunnan Energy Investment Group jointly undertook the China-aid project, which supplied materials to help post-flood reconstruction of power facilities in Myanmar. In the project, CSG served as the group leader, and YNIC, the project executor.


        Adhering to the company’s principle of “Fostering friendship, showing sincerity, seeking mutual benefit and boosting inclusiveness”, YNIC fully utilized the mechanisms for boosting cooperation with the neighboring countries promulgated by the CSG and Yunnan Provincial People’s Government. The Company actively carried out exchanges with its foreign power counterparts, and offered them management consultation and technical services.


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